a Disciples diary

Friday 3 November

On arrival in Amsterdam it took us a couple of minutes just to figure out the ticketing system and the best travel routes. The public transport in Amsterdam (and throughout the whole of the Netherlands) really is incredible and makes travelling anywhere really a breeze.

Our Friday was spend meeting up with old friends and eating bread and cheese! Harry and Wendy stayed in Haarlem (jus outside the city of Amsterdam) and Riette, Andre and myself stayed with Froukje and Sheranne (two students from Amsterdam) more to the eastern side of Amsterdam.

The evening we had our first “team meeting”with Stephanus, Nino, Wilmarie (also representing Emile), Elsabe (Stephanus’sister and also representing Yuri), Sheranne and Froukje. This was just an introductory meeting, sharing expectation and talking through the plan for the week.


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