a Disciples diary

Monday 6 November

On Monday we started with evangelism training at the VU (Vrije Universiteit) where Sheranne and Froukje study. They have the best student caffeterie I have come across so far!

The aim of our training time during the week was to establish certain principles when it comes to evangelism, sharing the Gospel, building intentional relationships and also overcoming certain barriers we face when reaching out.

I was really encouraged to hear how they are already living intentional lives driven by God’s love for us.

In the afternoon we went on a walking tour through the city. We had a very friendly atheist tour guide and he gave us deeper insight into the Dutch culture and specifically the people of Amsterdam. In explaining that maruana is actually illegal in all of the Netherlands he said, “That is illegal, but have a nice day.” This basically sums up the culture in Amsterdam – anything goes, they are very tolerant, dont force your beliefs or opinions on others and strive towards harmony with each other.

Afterwards we went prayer walking through the redlight district. Its heartbreaking to see the lengths people will go to or end up in when their lives are void of God.


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