a Disciples diary

Tuesday 07 November

On Tuesday morning we gathered together for training at Nino’s house in Haarlem. We continued speaking on different evangelism styles, approaches and creative ways to get invilved in your community and in the lives of other people. We also transitioned into how you can use the One2One as part of sharing the Gospel.

Lunch time was great with leftovers, bread and off course cheese!!!! Andre almost finished a whole block of cheese by himself!

Sadly I had to take Riette to the airport as she had to be back at work on Wednesday.

We also met up with Martin who has been living in Amserdam for many church and leads a church in the city. He is part of the reformed church movement, specifically City to City which forms part of Redeemer church in New York where Tim Keller is. He shared some valuable insights into what it takes to plant a church here and some of the things we will need to consider as preperation.

The evening we had a “vision moment”with James and Marli. Marli is part of Nino’s Connect Group and they are both also from South Africa. We share our heart behind the church plant and also a bit of more info into what type of church Every Nation is and what it would mean to¬† be part of a team that will make it happen.

Andre also visited the Ichtus campus society where they spoke about evangelism. One thing about the student societies is that it goes on till late!!!!


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