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Wednesday 8 November

This was our last day doing discipleship training and we focussed on the practicals of how to do a small group. Some of the things we discussed was the importance of having a group commitment, a solid rhythm that helps you to build an intentional culture and also some of the different tools that are available to help us in starting a small group.

One of the great positives is that Nino does have the free time available to meet up with Sheranne and Froukje on a regular basis to act as a mentor to them and also to build into their lives. This is something that will be really valuable to them and will also aid towards building stronger relationships.

During the afternoon we had some one on one time with Sheranne to speak about evangelism and to get a deeper undestanding into her natural style, strengths and growth areas.

For supper Sheranne made us a very Dutch ertjie sop which was delicious even though it was vegetarian. For some reqson whenever she makes food we are “forced” to eat way beyond our threshold. Its a combination between deliciousness and Sheranne’s very strong encouragement to dish some more.

Thursday evening the GSV student society from the University of Amsterdam had a meeting and they invited the Ichtus society (of which Sheranne and Froukje is part) to join them. They gave us the speaking slot for the evening and I had the opportunity to share again on us as an Every Nation movement and how from a small group of students we have grown to be in almost 80 difent nations. The rest of the talk featured around 2 Corinthians 5 and how the Gospel that impacts us and changes us then commissions us to change the world. I really trusted God for a clear Gospel sharing moment and a very definitive difference between religion and a relationship with God by sharing from my own life. The presence of God was there and we also had the opportunity to minister, to pray and for students to ask specific questions.

Again my heart is just encouraged to see what is posible when we are willing to walk with students.


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