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Europe Update


Europe Update

Currently we have Sheranne visiting us from the Netherlands till April. She is a medicine student in Amsterdam whom we met during one of our mission trips in April 2017. She is spending the 3 months in South Africa to learn as much as she can about the Every Nation church and to be exposed to who we are and what we do as a church family!

Then we also have a follow up scout trip planned to the Netherlands in April to continue to support the team that is there. Currently I do not know whether I will go on that trip. There has been some movement regarding a church plant couple that will go – I will send an update on that on a follow up letter.

For now, please do continue to pray for RiĆ«tte and myself in this journey. That we will continue to walk in that which God has called us for. Currently we do know that if we were called to go it wont be this year. Please continue to pray for the team in the Netherlands. They have been experiencing some spiritual attacks – pray for strength, courage and boldness!


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