Specific prayer points

  • Safe travels from Amsterdam. Harry and Wendy are visiting our church in Gent, Belgium and then they will head to Switzerland. Andre and myself will head to Berlin for the weekend where we will spend time with Mark and Ruth (who lead the campus in Berlin) and stay with Richard (a student we met during our mission trip in April). We will also visit the Every Nation church on Saturday and then visit Richard’s church on Sunday.
  • Pray for Harry and Wendy and their trip as they trust for key appointments and good moments with the different leaders they will be spending time with.
  • Pray for our trip to Berlin. I am really expectant for our time with Richard and to hear what God has done in his life these past couple of months. We have been doing Skype and Whatsapp calls in between and the evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit is just remarkable!

Latest Updates

Europe Update

Europe Update Currently we have Sheranne visiting us from the Netherlands till April. She is a medicine student in Amsterdam whom ...

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Thursday 9 November

Our last day in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands. During the morning we had a very specific time with Sheranne and Froukje dpeaking about campus ministry and what the next steps for them would be on c...

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Wednesday 8 November

This was our last day doing discipleship training and we focussed on the practicals of how to do a small group. Some of the things we discussed was the importance of having a group commitment, a solid...

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The Amsterdam story

Amsterdam came onto our radar a little unplanned. Froukje Eikelboom who is a theology student in Amsterdam did an internship at the University of Pretoria (TUKS). There she met some of the team from Every Nation, got connected to church, became part of a discipleship group and learned about making disciples and campus ministry. From there she heard about our mission to Berlin in April 2017 which she joined and asked if we could visit her campus in Amsterdam after our trip to Berlin. 

We did and we also got to meet some other students who were also very keen to learn more about discipleship and how to reach their campuses with the Gospel of Jesus. Fast forward a couple of months and we are now exploring the possibilities of a church plant along with the students and two couples who moved to Amsterdam from our Every Nation church in Pretoria.

That, in short, is the Amsterdam story.

This video was taken during our last trip to Amsterdam where we spent time with Sheranne and Froukje on campus doing a bit of Godtest training and sharing the heart and vision on discipleship!

Next year Sheranne will be visiting us in South Africa for a time to learn more about Every Nation, discipleship and campus ministry!

We have a support group on Whatsapp specifically for the Amsterdam scout mission. If you would like to be added to this group please click on this link via your phone to be taken directly to the group.

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