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Europe Update

BerlinAs you might know we had a very big mission scheduled for Berlin in October 2017. The plan was to get evangelism teams in from Africa, USA, Asia and across Europe along with Pastor Jim Laffoon a...

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Berlin Mission Report | April 2017

Mission report April 2017 God truly exceeded our expectations and taking into consideration that Berlin is seen as the atheist capital of the world - we are full of faith and expectant ...

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A light in the darkness

Why Europe? Isn't there still too much work to be done locally? Should we not focus all of our efforts to reach and change where we are before we go somewhere else? Is it not irresponsible to ...

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Berlin April 2017 Team

The Berlin april Team Jaco & Riëtte Oldewage God has placed a burden on our hearts for Germany and we are excited to see what God has got planned for this mission in April. We a...

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#Berlin 2017 | First Team Meeting

First Team Meeting On Tuesday we had out first team meeting for the mission next year, with most of the team being able to attend. Something amazing happens when people respond to God's call a...

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#Berlin2017 In June 2016 we were a team of 4 people braving the unknown territory of Europe. We went in to support the campus team at Humboldt University as well as to see how we can build an ...

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Berlin Missions Video

Berlin Missions Video A short feedback video from Hansie, Jurgen, Jaco and Wesley from the Tenday Mission to Berlin. Thank you to everyone involved in making this mission a re...

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Berlin Stories | Jakob

#berlinstory | Jakob by Jurgen Visser I would like to share the story of a guy named Jakob whom we met during the Berlin 2016 mission.   We approached Jakob as he was busy with h...

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Berlin Missions Feedback | Jurgen

Berlin Missions Feedback | Jurgen   Germany, Berlin..... Where do I start?.... As I arrived in Berlin, I was overwhelmed with an excitement and expectation for what is going to be establish...

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