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Ghent, Belgium

tendays mission

19-29 March 2020


Due to the rising global concerns around the Corona virus we have been forced to cancel the mission to Ghent in March. As a precaution the Belgium Government are enforcing strict measures in cancelling all public events including schools and university classes, the closure of all restaurants, bars and shopping areas excluding grocery stores, ordering the cancelling of all public gatherings and even big group events at home. Therefore the decision to cancel the mission is not one made directly by Every Nation Ghent (the hosting church) or the mission team, but rather the strict precautions put in place by the Belgium government.

We will definitely reschedule the mission once there is greater clarity and direction with regards to the Corona Virus. Let’s keep on praying for the church in Ghent as we as for the state of the world in general. This virus has caused global fear and is effecting all of us in one way or another – so let’s be the light in the darkness, the carriers of hope and the bearers of Good News!


All the funds raised for this mission will be allocated to the team for the rescheduled mission trip. We sincerely thank everyone for their generosity and we will ensure that all the funds will go towards the intended purposes!


With the whole world left in a state of confusion, uncertainty and fear – as followers of Jesus Christ we have this hope, the mystery of the Gospel, the glory of the Kingdom of God that we carry around in these earthen vessels, these jars of clay. In our weakness, He is strong. In our uncertainties, His ways are sure. In our fears, His love is perfect. Let’s rally in prayer. For the church in Ghent. For the state of the world and the people affected. For the virus to be cured. But above all – let’s pray that the Gospel will go out. That hearts will be changed forever by the only message that does not change, does not disappoint. THE GOSPEL.

This will be our third missions team sent out from Every Nation Southdowns to support the Every Nation church in Ghent, Belgium.

The purpose of the mission will be to specifically support their campus ministry in reaching into very much an atheistic student culture. We will also be focusing on discipleship training with the team in Ghent.

TEAM AND MIssion updates

We have this simple command from Jesus: “GO into ALL THE NATIONS and preach the Gospel, the Good News of the Kingdom of God.”

The short answer is, because going to the nations is obedience to Christ. The nations belong to God and as Christians we are called to be witnesses of the Gospel. From our previous missions to Ghent it has been evident that the student culture (where we will focus our mission to) is pretty much an atheistic culture. Some students still have references to religion – most often Roman Catholic – and then those references are not very positive. But in large, many students have never heard the Gospel and some have never even had someone pray for them.

In Ghent we are sitting with a generation that are lost and in desperate need for the Gospel. Despite the general well-being in society with regards to the economy, job security and opportunities etc. Belgium is seen as the country in Europe with the worst mental illness and depression rates. Nothing but the Gospel can satisfy the deepest need within the human heart and soul. That is why we go.

What about south africa?

The task of missions is never one of here or there, but both. As we are faithful with the mission back home (among our family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, classmates etc.) we also take time out of our “everyday” mission here to GO where the workers are few.

We can with confidence say that an Every Nation mission that goes into the nations is never at the expense of the mission back home.


We would like to invite you to partner with us for change in Europe! 

As Paul says in Romans 10:14-15

“How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?”

We believe this is a NOW TIME for Europe and that God is awakening the church and awakening the hearts of those who are lost.
Would you prayerfully consider giving financially towards this mission?

You can (1) either follow the link below to partner with the team or a specific individual or (2) you can just use the banking details below.

Thank you!

Click HERE to partner with the team

Banking Details:
Bank: ABSA
Acc. Name: REACH Tshwane
Branch: Menlyn 632005
Type: Cheque
Acc. No: 4075365510
Reference: GhentMarch
Proof of payment: southdownspm@enpta.co.za 

meet the team

Donovan & Anja
We saw the need for the Gospel in Belgium last year, once you see it, acting on that need is not a choice.

Shaun & Jamie
We’ve been commissioned, it’s that simple. We didn’t get a vision or a dream or a prophetic word, we just know we’ve been sent because Jesus said so.

This mission is a step of obedience and also a big step out of my comfort zone. I also felt that if I did not go I will be missing out.

Hearing that there are people out there, that have never heard the name Jesus tugged at my heart, because what a blessing and honour it is to experience His love… and I want to share that with the people!

Robert & Dawn
We are going to share the good news of God’s love, and the hope that is freely available through a relationship with God.

Heinrich, Anika & Tessa
We truly want the Lord to have every part of our lives and we trust in Him to radically transform our hearts by going on this mission and stepping out in faith by answering “yes” to the call to go …

I was once a depressed and suicidal student who rebelled against God and I want to show the students that the life of a disciple for Jesus is a life filled with hope, purpose and meaning – and it is available to everyone!

There is an openness towards Jesus on the campuses that serves as a definitive NOW opportunity to share the Gospel.

Jan & Ellen
Our motive stems from Matthew 9:38, where Jesus says the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. We believe the harvest is plentiful, specifically in Ghent after the feedback from previous missions. We trust that our hearts will be even more changed to align with the Great Commission as we go and serve with family.

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