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#berlinstory | Jakob

by Jurgen Visser

I would like to share the story of a guy named Jakob whom we met during the Berlin 2016 mission.


We approached Jakob as he was busy with his lunch outside the cafeteria at Humboldt University. He was very open and we really had a great conversation.


The first question on the survey we asked was "Did you ever have a spiritual experience"? His immediate response was "I am an atheist so no I have not" so we asked, but what is the meaning of life, and then he started with experiences he had in life, and he told us that him and his girlfriend that he is currently staying with him, is so excited that their daughter is on the way and that they are really excited about that!


That really opened up the window for us to immediately go to the farther and child relationship, and how he (Jakob) cannot wait for his daughter to be born, and to be a father. 


So we asked, now that you know how it feels to be an "almost" father, how would you describe God in 3 words.... after some thought, he replied: Loving, Great, God. He paused for a second and replied... "But that then makes me an agnostic and not an atheist" ... we had a great laugh and then the conversation was very relaxed, there was some trust and some brotherhood.


We had the privilege to share the Gospel, unfortunately he did not respond in giving his life to Christ, but my focus was drawn to his broken hand, and I asked if he would mind if we prayed for his hand? He replied with some hesitant excitement, and we were able to pray for his hand. We strongly believe that God did something miraculously in his life there!! He had an appointment at the doctor that Thursday for x-rays, and I challenged him to come to church on Saturday if his hand was completely healed.


Unfortunately he did not attend church that Saturday, but we believe that God did something huge in his life, and that there is a seed in the ground, and we are trusting God to water that seed.

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