6 weeks into our Southdowns 6PM service!

I absolutely love working with the next generation. Their zeal, passion and hunger for God and His Kingdom is so contagious! 6 Weeks into our 6PM service and the team is just incredible. In every area they are sacrificially giving of their time and their talents! 

Our desire with the evening service is that people will truly encounter the love, presence and power of God. That people will discover the true value of Spiritual Family and their identity as children of God.

The core of the church is currently made up of young adults, but we are trusting for a platform where students will also be able to find a place to call home, that they can discover their calling and be raised to be the leaders of tomorrow!

A couple of things to celebrate!

Average Church Attendance
First time visitors
Decisions made for Jesus
people added into Connect Groups

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