Berlin April 2017 Team

The Berlin april Team

jaco en riette2

Jaco & Riëtte Oldewage

God has placed a burden on our hearts for Germany and we are excited to see what God has got planned for this mission in April. We are overwhelmed by the amount of people raising their hands to be part of taking the Gospel to Europe. This is also a very special mission for us as its the first time since 2011 that we are able to go on a mission together - our first one as a married couple!


Didi Janse Van rensburg

I am soooo excited to be part of this team! My previous experiences in Berlin gave me a deep desire to show (sadly the majority of) Berliners that there is more to life than just living and then dying. I want to show them hope, love and everlasting joy... essentially I want to introduce them to Jesus.


Louis Kriek

I joined the mission to Berlin in order to step out and be part of Christ's great commission. I am saved by grace alone and through faith, not for my sake. Knowing this can only have a singular response: To share the salvation promised by Jesus Christ to all that would hear.


Risuna Thabathi

I have always felt God’s heart for the nations of the world. Europe has been on my heart for many years, during the Every Nation world conference in October God reminded me of how His heart breaks for the broken people of Europe. I felt Him say will you go and proclaim the good news to the broken and hurting? My response was yes Lord I will go. When this mission opportunity to go to Berlin came I knew I had to go. I am expected to see God move in the lives of the people of Berlin. I want to see lives saved, healed and restored to our King and saviour. I want to see people far from God experience His love and come to the revelation of his gift of salvation. I am trusting that the Holy Spirit will move in power and we will see signs, wonder and miracles. 


Jurgen Visser

I had the great privilege to be part of the 2016 Berlin Mission. Germany, Berlin and the greater Europe really became very close to my heart. I really believe that God is calling me as part of a team to Berlin once again in 2017 to further build on what He has started. I believe that if God starts something, He always finishes what He has started. Berlin needs Jesus, and I know that I am called be play a part in that journey.


Adriaan Mocke

Since joining Every Nation I have prayed for missions and have contributed financially to Africa Dream. But God has made it clear in my heart that this year it is time to GO! I'm extremely expectant of the experience in Berlin to engage with people that have never heard the Gospel, and that are multiple generations down from anyone who did.


Natasha van Heerden

I have signed up for this mission because I have seen how young people can influence others and have an impact even in nations. In reaching out on Humboldt University, we can bring students one step closer in their relationship with God and help them discover who He is.



Sophy Friesen

What a grace to have eternal life and experience God's unconditional love day by day in another way. I  wanna share this with people who have never heard about a loving God and a future filled with forgiveness and hope. 

Since my first own mission trip, Jesus opened my heart for lost people  even more . Its a huge privilege to be part of the this 10 days mission in Berlin!


Anmari Hanekom

What a privilege to be able to see first-hand what the Lord will do this year in the Nations, especially in Europe. I’m so excited to play a small part in this and to see how God will set people free, transform their lives and draw them back to Him. I truly believe that the Lord will set people free from the things in their lives that seem impossible to overcome and change these hopeless situations into new possibilities where they can live in freedom to serve Him wholeheartedly (Mat. 19:26, Luke 18:27).


Niel van der Merwe

I am a commercial law attorney who's life was changed by the hope and joy of Gods truth. God has synchronized my heart with his for the lost and I am so excited for the harvest!!


Selma Joseph

I have been part of the prayer group for Humboldt University led by Ruth Muller and I am excited for the opportunity to serve with her on the campus over the 10 days we will be there. My heart is to see these three things happen in every campus, every nation; Evangelism, Student Discipleship and Leadership Development. I am expectant and excited for what God will do through the team that is going to Humboldt University.


marike Coffee

I genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of young girls who have lost hope. I want to help them discover that God is their ultimate husband and that nothing else can replace that love!


Wiaan Coffee

I decided to go to Berlin after attending Every Nation World Conference. It was Wolfi Eckleben that preached about going to the nations, and to be launched like arrows into the nations. He challenged us to start praying Matt 9:38 everyday at 9:38am for the harvest field of Europe. So who are we not to be obedient to God?


Dewald Mare

During World Conference 2016, I felt God's call on my life to go to the Nations. This was a catalyst in my life because this motivated me to finish my degree in Education as soon as possible and GO. But I still need to start somewhere and I feel that God is going to prepare me on this outreach for future outreaches and maybe even planting churches in other countries. I am ready to reach the lost for Christ, through Him empowering me.


Andre Louw

I have had a heart for Europe since my first journey to Portugal in 2010 where I experienced the spiritual need of Europe first hand. It is my heart's desire to introduce German people to the love of Jesus Christ in this upcoming mission trip to Berlin, April 2017.


Wesley Britz

After coming back from Berlin in 2016 I knew that it wasn't my last time I would be visiting that incredible city. God has placed Europe in my heart and to see that continent turn back to Christ is something very dear to me.I am very excited to see where and how God has opened doors since our last visit. Knowing now that especially the students are so open to things we will unashamedly go and preach the gospel believing in total transformation.


Froukje Eikelboom

I study philosophy and theology and I am from the Netherlands. My reason for joining the mission to Berlin is that I am curious about what God is doing in Europe and I want to be a part of it. Berlin is a beautiful city with a lot of history which makes it an interesting city to go to. My expectation is that God will provide us with a lot opportunities and that we are going to make good use of them. It will be an adventure with beautiful people and a beautiful God. 


Melinda Otto

I haven’t been on a mission in a very long time. When it was mission week I told myself that 2017 will be a year where I GO.  Something within my heart just happened when I saw there was a group of people going to Berlin. At first I was hesitant because of the amount of money but deep within my heart there was a voice saying: “Trust ME”.  So I am trusting God. My Expectation: Availing myself and saying: Here I am God, Send me. I pray/trust that students will have Godly encounters. I am expectant that Jesus will change lives!

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