Berlin Mission Report | April 2017

Mission report April 2017

God truly exceeded our expectations and taking into consideration that Berlin is seen as the atheist capital of the world - we are full of faith and expectant to see how the light of the Gospel will shine from Berlin to the rest of Europe! Here are some of the highlights and specific prayer points you can keep praying into!


"The most fruitful campus mission yet."

During the mission we had between 250 and 300 Gospel conversations with students. We had 2 salvations and 5 students attending church the Saturday of which 4 were unbelievers. Apart from that we received more than 20 contact details of students (either email or phone numbers) and were able to have multiple follow up meetings with students. During the mission in 2016 getting contact details and follow up meetings with students were a rarity! We could truly see how God is busy working in the spiritual atmosphere and breaking down some of the barriers people have towards God, the church and the Gospel! This mission was deemed by the church in Berlin as their most fruitful campus mission yet!

dry river with plant

We see a picture of Europe as a dry and cracked river bed. When a little rain falls on the river bed its seems to make no difference and one can easily lose hope. But as water continues to fall the bottom of the river bed starts to heal until it can again hold water. Every prayer meeting, every engage opportunity, every mission is part of the rain falling on the river bed and is healing the river bed. We truly believe that we will just continue to see more and more fruit coming from Berlin as we continue to go!

Specific Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the seeds that were sown into the lives of students we engaged with. We truly had so many great conversations, but we sense that the spektecism and the gap between where they are and taking a step towards God is just a little bit too far. Pray that the Holy Spirit will keep on ministering to their hearts and that the seeds that were sown will continue to bear fruit.

  • For the students who were open to follow up meetings and who visited us at church, that they will strongly will God drawing them closer to Him and that they will experience His presence and His love for them!

  • Keep on praying for the team in Berlin as they trust God to break through on Campus at Humboldt.

  • Pray for the church in Berlin. They are truly offering the people of Berlin a taste of what a relationship with God could be as well as introducing people to the person and the work of the Holy Spirit which is missing in Europe to such a large extent.

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