Berlin Missions Feedback | Jurgen

Berlin Missions Feedback | Jurgen


Germany, Berlin..... Where do I start?.... As I arrived in Berlin, I was overwhelmed with an excitement and expectation for what is going to be established in God's Kingdom.

As we spent our first day walking through the halls just getting to know the Humboldt University Campus, and prayed, waiting on God to give direction and lead the way for this mission, I sensed death and desperation with some hope creeping through the cracks of a spiritually broken society.

My faith was stirred in these moments of death and desperation as God constantly reminded me that He is Hope, and that He is the one shining through the cracks, with a light that is blinding to the naked eye, a light that is so strong that it can break through the cracks, it can break through anything.

Day 1 on campus was a hard and unfulfilling day, as I searched for the purpose on why God called me on this mission, and what am I doing here.... I was left frustrated and could feel how the negativity just creeping in, with no way out. Myself and Wesley became sick and stayed home that night. We had an amazing conversation on the purpose, the vision and also looking at the bigger picture, and I realized, its not about me, its not about what I can do, its not what I can offer, but purely a tool in the almighty's God's hand. I was so excited, I couldn't wait for Day 2.

Day 2 on campus.... WOW, conversations just flowed, God opened doors, God opened hearts, God DID the work, I did not have to do anything... what a satisfying feeling, knowing that God is taking the lead, I can walk in His footsteps and just imitate His actions.
Berlin is a city of Hope, a place that God loves dearly and a place that is desperate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have the privilege to be part of this, to be part of God's success story. I am trusting God for the seeds that was sown, that those seeds may germinate and bring forth abundant fruit. This mission was not a mission to see miracles, but for obedience and strong seed sown.
Students are open and willing to listen, but the temptation of this world is still strong and very tempting. I believe that God is much stronger and ultimately satisfies the need of a human heart, a need to be loved, a need to be accepted and a need to be called a son and daughter.
What a privilege to serve and support our family Every Nation Kirche Berlin, thank you for the work that you are doing and thank you for not giving up on Berlin, and not losing hope. We have made friends, we became brothers and sisters, we are family, and family is the most important foundation built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.God Bless!

God Bless!

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