In June 2016 we were a team of 4 people braving the unknown territory of Europe. We went in to support the campus team at Humboldt University as well as to see how we can build an ongoing relationship with the church in Berlin to send regular missions into Europe. After a successful first taste we are sending two teams in 2017 - one in April and again in October.

Answering the call to go

As soon as we came back from our first mission I knew of people interested in joining us for the mission in April. We sent out a couple of emails, communicated to a couple of individuals and 3 people signed up - including Riette and myself.

Then at the World Conference we just heard again about the need for laborers in Europe. A week back from the World Conference we now have 20 people signed up for the mission in April!

Humboldt university

We will again focus on reaching out to the students at Humboldt University. We will focus on doing specific outreaches during the day with follow up discussion groups and relationship building events during the evening.

What you can pray for

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Finances for the team going
Ruth and the other volunteers on campus in Berlin
Immense faith for the harvest


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