Centurion Academy | First Years Camp

Centurion Academy | First Years Camp

We had a great opportunity to go on the first years camp of Centurion Academy. This was a combined camp for the students from Centurion and Klerksdorp.

This year we chose to change our approach slightly from being on the camp as spiritual leaders to just being there and offering mentoring and coaching to the students.

We also took part with them in the activities, from climbing up the mountain, rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing on the river.

We found that this really worked well and helped the students to open up, be real and be themselves around us. As the students enter a new season in their lives we do want to mentor and coach them through this and be there for them in whichever capacity they might need us.

We managed to build incredible relationships with some of the students, the Students Council members and even the facilitators who are either 2nd or 3rd year students at Centurion Academy. 

Here are some of the images from the camp
  • IMG_1327
  • IMG_1304
  • IMG_1272
  • IMG_1240
  • IMG_1212
  • IMG_1207
  • IMG_1205
  • IMG_1206
  • IMG_1195
  • IMG_1192
  • IMG_1014
  • IMG_1024
  • IMG_1033
  • IMG_1034
  • IMG_1044
  • IMG_1066
  • IMG_1070
  • IMG_1079
  • IMG_1082
  • IMG_1087
  • IMG_1093
  • IMG_1096
  • IMG_1101
  • IMG_1114
  • IMG_1134
  • IMG_1155
  • IMG_1164

Prayer points
  • Pray for good follow up conversations with the students we connected with during the camp.
  • Pray for ongoing relationship building with the student council. We want to build into their lives as well and build into their leadership ability and capacity that will also help them as they go into their respective working environments after their studies.

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