Ministry stories
Centurion Academy

Orientation Week 2019

This is the second year where we were dealt into the first year camp program.

During the camp all of the first years from both the Centurion and Klerksdorp campuses (about 200)  are put into different groups where they then have different activities throughout the course of the first years camps.

This is the second year where one of those activities is a life skills class with us! This is such an incredible opportunity where we get to speak to the students about identity, purpose, the type of people they want to become one day and then their core beliefs and values.

Because we have such a big team this year we were able to split the groups (about 30) into smaller groups of 4-6 where we can have more personal discussions around these topics.

Throughout the sessions the students were incredibly open, hungry and eager to hear what we have to say – most of them anyway! And many students indicated that they would love to have more discussions around these topics!


On the first night of the camp we had a group of 5 students who came to speak to us in a much more intimate setting. We spoke very directly about our faith, our relationship with Jesus and how that influences every are of our lives. Again they were so open and all 5 of them made a re-commitment towards following Jesus that evening and are super keen to get together to grow in their relationship with God.

On the second evening 2 students came to talk to us after their “sokkie” till after 1am. We had such an incredible God moment with one of the students from the Klerksdorp campus who has been through a lot in her life. That evening she surrendered her life to Jesus for the first time and immediately experienced the presence and the peace of God!

Keep on praying!

Please keep on praying for these first years. They are really so open and actually looking for people to speak into their lives, but peer pressure is huge.

 – Pray that the conversations we had with students and the seeds that were sown will keep on growing and ultimately bear fruit!
 – Pray that students will remain hungry and open to hear about God!