Church Planting | Why, Where and When

Church Planting | Why, Where and when

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, we know that God has called us to church planting. In a way this stirs a great excitement in our hearts as we can have confidence in what God has called us for, but on the other hand its also a little bit scary. Not knowing exactly what it will look like, what it will take from us, what we can expect... There's a lot of variables.

But we know that this is what God has called us for.
Here is the Why, Where and When of our church planting journey!

One thing I am really convicted about is that God's plan to establish His Kingdom on earth is through the church. The local church is the hope of the world - Bill Hybels. I truly believe that. Its through the local church that God's rule and reign is established in communities - through the power of the Gospel. And it is the responsibility of the church to show the world who God is, what God expects of us and how God has made provision for humanity to be restored in relationship with Him!

If we are serious about reaching the world and redeeming the world with the message of the Gospel then we can't be anything but serious about the local church and planting strong, healthy, vibrant, disciple-making churches!

Click here to read more on Why Church Planting from the Every Nation Global website.

One of the things that came out of the assessment center was that we need to get our own conviction of where God is calling us to. It can't just be something that our leadership feels or somewhere that is just a good idea. It's needs to be a burning conviction in our own hearts as well.


That is what we are praying about now. Where. I have always loved Africa and I deeply love our nation South Africa. So those are two places we are praying about.

That is also part of the reason for me going to Kenya in November - to get my feet on the ground to see and experience what church planting in Africa (outside of South Africa) looks like.

Since last year when I had an encounter with three German students in Cape Town Europe starting stirring in my heart as well. I have been in contact with some people coming back from trips to Europe and the general feel is that Europe is ready and open for a fresh Gospel impartation and healthy disciple-making churches. So we are praying about Europe and next year I would like to join a missions team to Germany, again to get my feet on the ground to see what it looks like!

We know we are currently in a preparation phase. To learn and grow as much as possible before we are sent out. We have incredible leaders walking alongside us to help us grow in specific areas. Riëtte and myself also anchoring the second service at our Southdowns congregation is part of the preparation.

Currently there is a specific timeline put in place. I personally think a lot of the timeline will rest on the conviction in our hearts of where God is sending us. The aim for me in 2016 will be to raise up leaders in each of the areas where I am involved so that by the end of 2016 I would be able to stand back completely without compromising in any area of results or excellence. So it will be a very intentional season of raising and developing leaders.

How can you support us?
Please pray with us. That we will clearly hear the voice of God as He leads us and that we will also be able to discern between emotion, circumstances and the will of God. Our hearts desire is to obey the call of God on our lives. Pray with us that we will hear God speak and that we will boldly obey!

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