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Open Window
Orientation Week 2018

One of the great highlights for us from 2017 was meeting up with Lorraine – a lecturer, and a sold out Christian, at Open Window. We started sharing on our passion to reach students at Open Window and how God has spoken to her about her role on the campus. We then started praying together on a weekly base.

Towards the end of 2017 the management at Open Window asked Lorraine whether she would be interested in starting a Christian Club on campus – knowing that she is a Christian and that there are Christians on campus (even though Christianity and church is not really something that is accepted or celebrated). She agreed and we started praying into what we will do and how we will approach this opportunity.

Having a Christian Club on campus will be huge as this gives us a platform from where we can communicate certain truths and facilitate discussions on important matters of life. From this platform we will be able to identify students who are hungry and would like to grow in their relationship with God.

During the Orientation Week at Open Window all of the clubs had an opportunity to share with the first years what the club is about and provide an opportunity for students to sign up! About 30 students signed up!!!!! THIS IS HUGE FOR US on a campus like Open Window.
Please pray fervently with us for this campus and this opportunity!

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