Equipping the saints


equipping believers

for the work of ministry

So far this year we have seen 76 people being equipped in our discipleship growth path. Seeing lives transformed through the power of the Gospel is truly something that encourages me so much and it serves testimony to why we do what we do!

Here are just some of the testimonies from this year!

God gave me the freedom of forging my father for the past and setting me free from my past sins

Sinthia van der Westhuizen

The Engage Training has given me greater confidence to carry out the work. Further more it has been an uplifting experience like a rebirth. softened my heart towards discipleship/evangelism.

Mufaro Muzvondiwa

I was really scared to speak to strangers, but I saw the blessings that comes from stepping out in obedience. The conversations that followed was a true blessing. I also realized that one person can make a difference. And if we all stand together and step out in obedience we could reach the lost.

Rea du Plessis

What I realised in this process is that we inherently fear what people might ask and / or respond to our stance on what we Believe - but then it is not our knowledge that will convince them, it is the Holy Spirit that will convince them, at the right time! One of the Crucial understandings was to approach / engage people AT THEIR LEVEL - not where we are!

Marius van Vuuren

It was so fantastic, God really shined the light in my heart and in areas where I still needed his love and gain victory. As I opened up in those areas I sensed a feeling of freedom.

Gwabeni Tandokazi

He showed me that I am worthy... and he set me free form something that happend

Simone' Bornman

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