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Shaping tomorrow's leaders today

With the current climate on our university campuses the need and the urgency to reach and raise the next generation of leaders cannot be over-emphasized. I was really encouraged to hear all the different testimonies at the World Conference about what God is doing on university and college campuses across the world! Young people are looking for something to pour their lives out for - what a time to call them into a whole-hearted commitment to follow Jesus!

Student Leadership at Centurion academy

We are really excited about being able to work with the student leadership at Centurion Academy for 2017. We will start with a leadership mentoring and coaching program in November and will then continue with group and individual mentoring. This is such a great opportunity to invest into the next generation, raise them up as leaders and build strong, Biblical values into their lives. We trust that as we get close to the students we will be able to communicate the love, power and presence of God to them!

We will also be joining the first years camp in 2017. This again gives us a great opportunity to connect with the new students and to build initial relationships we can then take into the rest of the year.

Campus society at Open Window

We are still in the process of getting our campus society at Open Window registered. This will give us a huge platform to meet the needs of students, host discussion groups and also play a mentoring role for the students on campus

I have also presented an idea that will help Open Window with their work integrated learning program which will see students get the opportunity to get the practical hours they need and be exposed to different design industries and corporate environments. This is still a work in progress, but if given the go-ahead on this we can really shape the next generation of media communicators!!!

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