Every Nation World Conference


Every Nation World Conference

Every three years we get together as a global Every Nation family, celebrating what God is doing in the nations and stirring our faith for that which God has called us for! This was my first World Conference and WOW!!! What an experience! Here are just a couple of personal highlights for me:

We are part of something that others have sacrificed for

Having 5000 people together from 59 different nations is an incredible experience. But, being able to walk into any group, meet any person, start a conversation with someone whom you have never met and immediately feel like family - that's nothing short of a miracle. The coming together of people who are single minded about the worship of Jesus, the reaching of the lost and going to the ends of the earth produces a unity, a synergy and a commitment to one another, even though you have never met them before. And it is easy to walk into this and say "Wow, how amazing". But this was no easy thing.

This unity was started when men and woman chose to lay down their selfishness, their ethnic and cultural differences and together take hold of the Gospel. Pastor Brett Fuller shared on how we had to work hard to get this. Today we have the privilege of calling people from other nations, other cultures and other races brothers and sisters. And we have been given the responsibility to guard this unity and keep on building on it and keep on moving forward! The racial tensions we are facing, not only in South Africa but all over the world, I believe that within this movement we have the potential to show a different people, a Kingdom people!

And even if you are not part of an Every Nation church, as a ministry partner, you are part of this movement!

As a movement, all of us are going to the nations

During the sessions, the workshops and the conversations with other people it is so clear that we ALL have one goal in mind, that is to reach every nation. And this is not just something that some people do and the others stand and applaud, but all of us are in this together. Together we carry the responsibility of taking the Gospel to the nations, together we stand in the gap, together do what is needed to reach those who are lost.

Some go, some give so that people can go, and we all pray. Reaching the nations is a family affair.

Jesus is so worth our every breath

One of the highlights for me was the continental feedback from the different continent leaders. Hearing about what God is doing in Asia, the upcoming church plants, missionaries that have gone to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Christians escaping from North Korea to the church plants happening throughout North- and South America, Africa, Oceania and testimonies from campus ministry all throughout the world. Pastor Wolfi from our church in London shared on Europe and the massive need for laborers. Immediately one of the Asian leaders turned to him and said, "We will send 20." From the beginning of this movement their has been a commitment to make Jesus known. To take the Good News of what He has done for us, the freedom, life and redemption available in Him into all the world.

Hearing all the stories and testimonies my heart is just overwhelmed with how worthy Jesus is of our lives. How worthy He is of our time, our gifting, our resources and our every breath.

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All of the sessions and videos from the World Conference have been made available! Download them, listen to them, share them and allow God to stir your towards the lost, the campus and the nations!


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