Humboldt Missions Week | Day 1 & 2


So far this week we have had incredible conversations with students on campus. Most of the students we speak to are very open to share what they believe and to listen to our responses to the questions we ask them. Many students have n background of religion and have never explored any of the evidence available that supports the existence of God. But, when asked that if God was real and He wanted a relationship with them whether they would be interested many said yes!

The general idea on campus about God and the church is very warped and some students think that it is irrelevant whether God exists or not as they cant see Him making any difference in the world today. Personally we are also challenged in our reasoning for the faith and explaining the Gospel in a way that makes sense in a very humanistic, philosophical worldview.

We are very encouraged by "aha moments" when speaking to the students. Moments where you can see they just received a new revelation of truth or that an aspect of God, Jesus, Christianity or even the Biblical view of church is made clear to them. The need on campus is great, the need in this city is great! People are open and searching and we are trusting that the conversations we are having this week is drawing people just another step closer to God.

It's all about moving those who don't know a step closer to knowing.

It's about moving those who don't believe a step closer to believing.

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