Nairobi, Kenya | The Why, What and How behind our trip to Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

The Why, What and How behind our trip to Kenya

Kenya is currently the most strategic nation in Africa to reach the east coast of Africa. From Kenya we can set up an apostolic base to reach into the rest of East Africa - Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan. All of these countries are waiting for the Gospel!

The motive above all motives remains Jesus. With Jesus' blood He purchased people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation - Revelation 5:9

Make disciples. Raise leaders. Plant churches. That is what we do and will keep on doing with a very specific and intentional focus on reaching the students. The missions trip will be focused on reaching students at the Kenyatta University and getting them connected in discipleship groups. From there they will be established in strong Biblical foundations and be equipped and empowered to reach their peers!

The team on the ground who are staying in Nairobi full time will continue the work of discipleship and laying foundations from where the church plant will happen.

Pray | Pray with us as we go. The tension and threat in Kenya is still very much real. Pray for provision for the teams going, for the harvest we are going to reach and for protection for the team going, the team staying and those who will be reached by the Gospel.

Give | You can give towards the mission. The cost of the mission works out to R20 000 per person due to inflated flight tickets and accommodation priced in US Dollars. Your giving towards the mission will make it possible for the message of the Gospel to reach the next generation, impact a nation and influence the rest of East Africa!

Go | Pray about going along during our next missions trip in 2016. Go to your next door neighbor, your work colleagues, your friends - go to those God has called you to reach!

Click on the link below to watch a short video about the upcoming mission.

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