Ministry stories

Open Window SRC

During the month of February we had the incredible opportunity to take the 2018 and 2019 student leaders (SRC) from Open Window on a leadership camp. None of the SRC are Christians and the aim of the camp was also not to be a Christian camp, but to share basic leadership principles towards better self- and team leadership.

We had an incredible time with the students where we were also able to share more on who we are as a church and a campus ministry and even to speak through some of the misrepresentations of and assumptions towards Christianity and church.

Campfire stories:
During the evening we had campfire stories where all of us got to share parts of our stories and it was incredible to see how everyone opened up about a vulnerable area in their lives. These moments were so precious as it enabled us and them to really connect on a much deeper level!

The Feedback
The Sunday before we came back we had a debrief time with the students and the lecturers that came along – the feedback was so positive and all of them spoke of how this has helped them immensely on a personal level. The SRC members also spoke through certain cultures that are accepted and even celebrated on campus (such as the more broken you are the better artist you will be) and how it is having a negative impact on campus.

One of the SRC girls also responded and said she would really like to join a Connect Group (a discipleship group) and has since started joining us at church!