Ministry stories
term 1

Jan – March 2019 Update



We have had an incredible first term on campus and we are so thankful for every life that has been impacted and the momentum we are seeing on campus. As I’ve mentioned before, the fact that we are able to have a bigger team on campus this year has made the world of difference!

On both Centurion Academy and Open Window 

OPEN WINDOW Christian Forum Event

Once a term the Open Window Christian Forum hosts an event on campus to bring together students from different religious views and to create a greater awareness on campus for other Christians as well as to create a space where skeptics can ask questions and gain a better understanding into the Christian faith.

The topic for term 1 was a conversation between a Christian and an agnostic where both shared on the reasons for their belief, asked questions to one another and then an opportunity was given to questions from the crowd.

The turnout to the event was huge and afterwards we were able to have a couple of good conversations with students who don’t believe.¬†


We are starting the second term with an Every Nation Campus Tshwane camp where students from all of our campuses across Tshwane will be coming together. The theme for the camp is REVOLUTION – a Gospel revolution that starts in the heart of an individual, spreads across campuses, into the nations and ultimately changes the world!

Pray with us as we trust for students to get saved and for new student leaders to stand up and the message of Jesus to hit our campuses like a REVOLUTION never seen before!


We are saying goodbye (more see you later) to these two legends – Robbie and Amike. They will be leaving for their first nation of the year – Mozambique where they will meet up with the Every Nation Maputo church and specifically focus on reaching students on campus in Mozam! We will keep you updated on the incredible things bound to happen during their journey!


GHENT, Belgium

The team has just come back from the mission to Ghent, Belgium where they worked with the Every Nation church in Ghent specifically to reach students on campus. We will have a full mission feedback Sunday on the 7th of April – we will share that podcast with you!

From the quick feedback we have received – God has done SO MUCH in the hearts of the team and all of them come back with a greater fire for Jesus and a love for people who don’t know Jesus! During their time in Ghent they also had many good conversations on campus and would then invite students to dinner talks around specific topics and questions students have about faith, the meaning of life etc.


Outreach Internship 2019

From 25 April to 5 May we will have our second Outreach Internship happening in Stellenbosch. As part of the National Evangelism team for Every Nation Southern Africa this is something we are so excited about!

The aim of the Outreach Internship is to identify and train local church based evangelists who will be able to come alongside their local church leaders and infuse a heart for evangelism, provide training for church members and ultimately see people get saved, disciples and raised up as leaders in their respective spheres.

We are expecting between 60-80 people at the internship and we trust that this will have a huge impact in local churches across Southern Africa!

We will have a dedicated web page running closer to the internship and will share that with you as well!


for your prayers, love and support!

We really do appreciate all of you so much! Thank you for continuing to believe in us and together we are all co-workers alongside Jesus to see His will be done, His Kingdom come!

Some prayer points:

  • The student camp happening 29-31 March
  • More student leaders to be raised who will be able to help build a discipleship culture on their own campuses
  • For Robbie and Amike as they head to Mozambique on the 3rd of April
  • For the evangelism Outreach Internship happening at the end of April

This photo was taken at one of our friend’s 30th Birthday parties! #GoHawaii