The Mission


The mission to Berlin

There is a prophetic word that went out over Europe that it needs to come to a place of moral decay so that the soil becomes as compost. From the compost new life will arise across Europe! We believe Europe is at a significant place for a fresh Gospel and discipleship impartation and that God has 

been working in the hearts of specific people for a fresh encounter with His love and power! We are stepping out in faith trusting God for change in Europe and specifically in Germany through this Tenday Mission. And we would like to invite you to step out in faith with us and partner with us as we go together!


Berlin is known as the global capital of Atheism and the European capital of homosexuality. The high place of Berlin is Humboldt University (previously the University of Berlin). And the roots of the sins of Berlin are all found in Humboldt, the apex of German society. The worldview of the whole culture is determined at the university and it is the "linchpin of the city". Humboldt is also seen as the "mother of the modern university" as its model is replicated around the world where man is the measure of all things and human philosophy takes centre stage.


 Humboldt today has over 36 000 students, 16% of which are foreign students. The university has educated 29 Nobel Prize winners and is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Europe overall as well as one of the most prestigious universities worldwide for arts and humanities. Some of the leaders that have come from Humboldt are  Einstein, Hegel, Marx, Engels, Bismarck, Planck, Feuerbach, Fichte, the Grimm brothers, Heisenberg, Helmholz, Heine, Schelling, Schopenhauer, Bonhoeffer, and du Bois.


The church in Berlin was started by Gareth and Taryn Louw with a team from South Africa. The church is now 6 years old and has two weekly services with about 150 people and several discipleship groups throughout the city.

Ruth Muller heads up the campus ministry with a team of four young people focusing specifically on Humboldt University. 

be part of history

This is a historical moment for us as Every Nation Tshwane as this will be our first Tenday Missions team sent into Europe! Europe is tough ground for missionaries and church planters and one of the greatest needs is for more laborers to work in the field. We believe God has called us for this time and season to GO.

Our focus will be to seek out the men and women of peace whom God has prepared so that through them we can get inroads into the community and specifically the campus. 

We will also be looking into setting up a long term relationship between the church in Tshwane and the team in Berlin to be able to regularly send laborers into the harvest field!

We want to invite you to prayerfully consider stepping out in faith with us and partnering with us for a once-off amount of R500 - R2000. We truly believe God will honor every seed sown into His harvest field and that through it all God will get  the glory!

change the campus, change the world


4 Responses

  1. Mag julle geseend wees, laat God deur julle werk vir Sy koninkryk.
  2. What makes you think that Germany or Europe needs saving? What's wrong with homosexuality?
    • Hi Rayner! Thank you for your comment. From a Christian perspective Europe has in large parts turned away from their earlier belief in God and in Jesus Christ and has moved more into a post modern mindset where there is no absolute truth and where God is seen as unnecessary and irrelevant. This means that when Jesus does return, many will not be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven due to their unbelief in Jesus... On your question of homosexuality, there isnt really a short answer. The core of it is that homosexuality goes against God's original design and intention for man when He created us. But just to make something clear, homosexuality is not seen as a greater sin or a greater wrong - and contrary to what some Christians portray and even proclaim, God does not hate homosexuals, He has a great desire for every single person on the earth to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Him as their personal God. Its always difficult to answer questions such as yours over an online platform and in all honesty questions such as yours deserve a much more personal response than just words on your screen. Where are you from?

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