Why we cant stop reaching our campuses!

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change the campus, change the world

If we abandon the campus, we abandon the future. If we persist in winning and discipling students for Christ and training them as Christian leaders, we will change the world.

Rice Broocks

In these past couple of weeks we have been reminded again of the importance of reaching the next generation. Not just from events in South Africa, but from across the globe. As an Every Nation movement of churches we have always prioritized reaching our campuses - for a number of different reasons.

One of them being that the values on campus becoming the values in society in the next 10 to 20 years.

Because of this we have been very intentional in helping students discover the link between their beliefs and values and their futures and how their lives can make a difference. Some of these initiatives have been to connect with students through time management classes, leadership and business coaching.

We have found that students are very open to engage with these initiatives because it is directly relevant to where they are in their lives - even if they are atheists and agnostics. This gives us great inroads into their lives and we come close to that which they hold valuable.

Please pray with us for those three initiatives. That students will respond and that we will find favour with them.

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