Abide. Love. Trust. Obey. Fruitful. Glorify God. Disciples. Full of joy

 John 15:1-11

This portion of Scripture in the Gospel of John is such a profound teaching by Jesus. It’s a theme God has been stirring in my heart for quite a while and will most probably be a theme that will continue to stir for years to come.

May this short devotional encourage you to press deeper into Jesus’ love for  us!

Campus ministry Update

Over the past couple of years we have had immense favor with the Centurion Academy management and this is the 3rd year we are busy with leadership coaching with the SRC. This year we were again invited along on the first years camp and this year we also had a 60min session with all the first years in their respective groups.

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A great highlight for us from 2017 was meeting up with Lorraine who is a lecturer at Open Window and also a passionate Christian. We started praying together and this year we are launching an official Open Window Christian club on campus. During the orientation week about 30 students signed up!!

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Southdowns PM Service

I am so excited about our evening service and especially about the team we have around us who really are the ones’ making it all possible. This is just a short update to say that things are going well and we are seeing God do great things in the lives of people – specifically in the area of gaining a deeper understanding of God’s love, presence and power and then people stepping out in faith and obedience.

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Europe Update

Currently we have Sheranne visiting us from the Netherlands till April. She is a medicine student in Amsterdam whom we met during one of our mission trips in April 2017. She is spending the 3 months in South Africa to learn as much as she can about the Every Nation church and to be exposed to who we are and what we do as a church family!

Then we also have a follow up scout trip planned to the Netherlands in April to continue to support the team that is there. Currently I do not know whether I will go on that trip.

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One of the things I have really been trusting God for is more salvations.

During the past 2 weeks I had the opportunity to have two great Gospel conversations with a young guy who recently joined our 6PM service and then a first year student we met during the first years camp. Both of them received Jesus as Lord and Savior and might bet baptized this Sunday!

Jesus is so faithful when we cry out to Him for that which is so important and valuable to Him – people!

Prayer Points

  • Please continue to pray for Riëtte and myself. For our marriage and that we will be vigilant against any plan and scheme of the enemy. We are also trusting to fall pregnant – we would appreciate prayer into that as well. Please also trust with us for provision. There are a couple of specific things we are trusting God for.
  • For the Campus Ministry. We are very expectant for this year to see our efforts on the campuses bear much fruit. I am trusting that we will start to see a shift in the spiritual atmosphere that will be a catalyst for multitudes of students to get saved this year!
  • For our Evening Service. I am in a very deliberate place of identifying and raising leaders. Pray for wisdom, insight and guidance in this and that people will respond in faith! We are also trusting for many lost people to get saved and that we will have a vibrant discipleship culture!

We cant say this enough.
Thank you for partnering with us and continuing to pray and believe with us!

We love you and we are deeply thankful for your investment into our lives and into the Kingdom!

May Jesus receive all the glory as we continue to follow and obey Him!

Jaco & Riëtte