Outreach Internship

Outreach Internship Durban

8 - 23 July 2017





Welcome to the Outreach Internship 2017 to be hosted in Durban. We are extremely excited about this event as it will a first for us as Every Nation Southern Africa.

The internship is a 15 day intensive joined by evangelists and individuals infused with a passion for evangelism representing a multitude of churches across the southern part of Africa! We will also be joined by a world class team of evangelists and teachers.

The internship will focus on equipping local church based evangelists for the work of the evangelist as we aim to see healthy, vibrant and growing local churches impacting their communities with the message of the Gospel.

Prayer Points
  • Provision. Pray for God to supply all the financial needs for every participant. So that they can attend this event.
  • Preparation. Pray for the many logistics that are being put into place.
  • Speakers. Pray that God would be with the many speakers that they would minister with power.
  • Pray for a mighty harvest of souls.
  • Pray for our Every Nation Durban family as they prepare to follow-up and disciple this mighty harvest.